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Fic list and links

Shamelessly pimping my fanfic, helpfully grouped in chronological order.

The Dillonsverse
This is an AU which split from DC canon shortly before the Top died (in other words, he never died and Lisa never became a vengeance-crazed villain, although at some point she went into petty theft like the rest of the Rogues). Eventually Top and Glider retired and had kids: Lisa Star Dillon and Nathaniel Dillon.

Fathers' Day

First Steps

Dredging Up Ghosts

Holiday Mayhem

Affairs Of The Heart

All's Fair In Love And Madness

Attempts At Healing

Lead Me Not Into Temptation

No Thanks

Dads' Night Out

Hello Kitty

Family Secrets

Snow Day

No Good Deed


A Test Of Patience

Days of Reckoning

A portrait of the Dillon family, wonderfully drawn by [identity profile]!

This series doesn't have an official title, but could perhaps be called Resurrection:

Straight Outta Hell

The Soul Is Eternal


Fics which mostly follow DC canon (with my own embellishments):


The Push To Succeed

Rogue Drabbles

Tops and Robbers

Role Models

Another Day in Central City

Best Laid Plans

Team Building

When Lisa Met the Rogues

Something New

Lessons Learned

Tricksters' Holiday (this fic contradicts "Lessons Learned", but the latter is a crappy old story anyway so don't sweat it)

Dinner With the Snarts

Sick Day

Rogues On Ice


Black Dog Days

Birthday Queen

Love is Blinding

Touch Yourself

Saturday Night at the Movies

Take Me Out To The Ballgame

Naughty Or Nice

Living Rough

Death Becomes Him

Funerary Rites

These Eyes


Blinding Them With Science


The Senator and the Supervillain


Three Top Drabbles

Dirty Deeds

Within These Walls

The Trouble With Rogues

Family Obligations

Truth And Consequences

Rogue Drabbles II (these are mostly based in continuity, but set at varying times)

Memento Mori (based on continuity, but takes place at varying times)

Merry Christmas, Owen Mercer

G Is For Ghost

All Done With Mirrors

Instruments of Destruction


The World Behind The Mirrors

If I Ever Get Out Of Here

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year


The Ties That Bind

Where The Heart Is

Sins Of The Rogues (canon, but chronologically set all over the place)

Rogue Drabbles And Ficlets (canon, but chronologically set all over the place)

Fics off in their own little universes:

The Professor's Army



Baby, It's Cold Outside

Rainbow Raider: Supervillain Idol

The Best Little Toyshop in Kansas



Farcebook 2: Electric Boogaloo

World's Best Boyfriend

Prescription For Love

A Taste Of Heaven

The Kobaloi

Get Stuffed

At Least There Weren't Any Knock-Knock Jokes


Ode To Joy

Baked, Boiled, or Fried?

CWverse fics:

The Few Comforts Of Home

Fics as part of an RPG:

The Road To Recovery..?

Finale: End Song

Fics based on another RPG (henceforth known as Another World):

New Tricks


The Engineers


Harsh Lessons

(Not) A Christmas Carol


The Zoom Gambit

Crime And Punishment

Hard Truths

Making Progress

Meeting Again For The First Time

Laying It On The Table

Endless Frustration

For Dust Thou Art And Unto Dust Thou Shalt Return!

Leaping Feet First

Olive Branches

Fighting Crime In Their Own Style

Senses And Perceptions

I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

A Mighty Need

The Ghost In The Machine

An adorable picture of Roscoe and Spencer, by Waterwindow!
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Just finished reading the whole Dillionsverse and loved it.

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Love this fanartist, and the great icons they give away.

I'm going to have to come back and read more of your Topfic later, too!
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Just finished the Resurrection series. Brilliant way to bring Top and GG back, and LOL at Shrinkage.